1300 to 1500 + bales delivered 
per trailer load. All of our straw is hand-raked and each bale       machine compressed .


    We have been delivering CLEAN , Top Quality  loads of long leaf  "slash"  pineneedles since 1967. Our pine bales are approximately 14"x14"x28" long , and cover about 60 to 80 square feet     


 496-630 bales delivered 
        per trailer load.


A Few Reasons For Using Pinestraw For Groundcover 

(1) Pinestraw is a superior natural product for your trees and plants,that is high in nitrogen, so it decomposes and makes a great fertilizer.

(2) Pinestraw deters weeds and adds beauty to your landscape.

(3) Pinestraw is ecology-minded and very easy to work with.

(4) It does not have to be removed all you need do is simply put fresh straw on the top of old straw to revitalize the color.

(5) It is insect and rodent free,adheres well to slopes does not wash away as easily as other mulches during heavy rain.

(6) It keeps some vegetables from forming mildew, mold or developing rot.

(7) Retains moister in the soil and around plants better than other mulches. 

All of our Pinestraw is hand raked, and is machine compressed, String  tied Bales available (string most commonly used)(We No Longer Use Wire).   Each Bale is hand Loaded onto, 45' to 53' trailers.  Trailers hold from 1300 to 1500+ of Rectangular Pinestraw Bales.   Wheatstraw trailers hold from 490 to 630 Rectangular Wheatstraw Bales per trailer (string tied only). We are a Major Provider and Producer, we Bale our own Straw, and all our Straw is Delivered with our own dedicated Fleet of Trucks and Trailers.

We are not a Trucking Company, We do not wait on a Backhaul to deliver your Straw, Once you Order We Will Process your Order within 24Hours!!

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